Africa Serena: 30 Years Later

Wednesday, 31 January 2018 16:53:26 Europe/London

Clara Martínez Thedy is a recognised artist of the lens whose work has been widely exhibited around the world. Her photographs have also been published in a variety of books and magazines, as well as forming parts of important private art collections.

In 1987, Clara embarked on a journey to Africa which was destined to change the course of her life. She had set out to fulfil a dream cherished since childhood: to travel deep into the African plains to meet the Maasai tribe and discover the wildlife of this mysterious continent.

Three decades later, as an experienced photographer, Clara relived this dream, and Africa Serena: 30 Years Later was born. This captivating book features a hand-picked selection of images of the ancient civilisation of the Maasai, and also captures the innocence and vulnerability of innumerable wild animals.

Clara is generously donating 100% of all proceeds from the sale of this book to Walkabout Foundation. Minimum donation: £50.

If you would like to buy a book, please get in touch with or call her on 0207 581 36 80 to organise payment and collection from our offices.

A number of prints from this book are also available for purchase, with 100% of proceeds going to Walkabout Foundation. If you would like to purchase a print, please contact, or call the Walkabout office on 0207 581 3680.